Monday, October 22, 2012

new life :)

time passes quickly. its almost two months i had been away from home and yeah, its not that much cool as i thought before. i have to admit that being away from home makes me sick dude! ciss lembut jugak jiwa aku nie kan. ingat gentle habis :p well that's common right for the few first weeks. but hey, now i'm well adapted with my new life, new environment and absolutely my new buddies. 

buddies, the best thing that i dont ever realised before that they are the reason for me to stay chill and comfy. i'm getting along well with them even though they are 20's and i'm only 19 :p but yeah number is not a big deal rite. sejiwa sekepala tu yg penting.. at first, they even thought that i'm the same age with them.. ahaaa nampak tak mine punya level of maturity kat situ. or level of ketuaan kat situ?hahaaa..duhh watever

                                                                 and here they are. soulmates :D

they screwed up again. damnn -.- and still the smallest cutest one.lulzz :p

semakin sihat dan sihat dan sihat lagi. agak merisaukan :o

alhamdulillah. malacca's treats me well :) come here and experience the awesomeness of historical city, melaka. sini ada rivercruise yang baunye nauzubillah 'harum' taw. tempat kau ade? heheee :p 

currently doing my degree here in melaka and i have another 3 years meh la jalan2 sini and let me be the host of the day. cehhh host of the day konon. padahal nak balik kolej sendiri pun sesat. xpe kalau sesat, kite sesat sama2 ye idok :p

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